Kosher certification: Chief Rabbinate of Holland, @ home in the Netherlands & beyond.

Are you an active player in the foodindustry? You would like to produce kosher? You should contact the Chief Rabbinate of Holland, the certifying agency for kosher production with a grand and long reputation.

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To have your product or production process kosher certified
Your products don’t have a kosher certificate yet? Or you would like to have a kosher certificate for your production process. It enables you to offer a much wanted quality: kosher
Both a certificate for a single product or several products or a certificate for the whole production process are worth the investigation. That is what the Chief Rabbinate of Holland would be able to do for you. Our first visit is free of obligations or any costs [except travel expenses outside Holland].

A kosher certificate of the Chief Rabbinate of Holland offers you surplus value. We work fast after having received your application. We maintain direct and short lines with you. We know the Dutch local situation at its best, while we operate on the international level at the same time.
A new application for kosher production can be dealt with within 1-3 weeks.

What is kosher certification
Consumers and users of semifinished products must be able to rely on the fact that the products they use are permitted according to Jewish norms. Because of a reliable kosher certifying agency they can trust that whatever they use is indeed permitted for the consumption by Jews.
Have our specialists’ opinion on the production process and the use of ingredients, to obtain a statement that it is kosher. This kosher certificate accompanies whatever is being produced till the enduser.

What is the Chief Rabbinate of Holland
The Chief Rabbinate of Holland is the Dutch kosher certifying agency since 1945, for ingredients, semifinished products and endproducts. The Chief Rabbinate of Holland is a respected and worldwide well known and recognized certifier of kosher products. We work with a wide variety of clients in and outside Holland. The Chief Rabbinate’s certificates travel all over the world.
In over sixty years of experience the Chief Rabbinate of Holland has issued thousands of kosher certificates for all kinds of products. Our kosher certificate can be found on
Oil and fatproducts
Chemical materials
Bakery materials
Sweets, chocolate products and candies
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Fruit and vegetables products

The benefit of a kosher certificate issued by the Chief Rabbinate of Holland
We work fast: a new application for kosher certification can be dealt with within one-three weeks.
Direct contacts with you; one single contact within the Chief Rabbinate that deals with your application.
We know the local Dutch situation and we are at home in the international field.
We speak not only Dutch and English but French, German and Hebrew as well.
Our first visit is free of any obligation or charge (except for travel expenses outside the Netherlands)

The benefit of kosher certification
A kosher certificate offers much benefit. More and more end products have a kosher certificate. This makes it mandatory that the ingredients are kosher certified too. And if your colleagues in the market offer products with kosher certification, you don’t want to wait any longer.
Anyone who eats kosher, looks after what he eats and what the ingredients are. This too makes a kosher certificate on foodproducts important. When your product is certified ‘kosher parve’ the food is also permitted for those with lactose-intolerance or allergy for cowmilk.
It also appears that Muslims are attracted to kosher certified foods since the kosher standard is applicable for Halal-consumers.

Searching for a kosher ingredient or raw material?
Would you like to have your product or production certified kosher? In that case the ingredients should be kosher too.
Of course we are happy to advise you where such kosher ingredients are being manufactured and can be purchased. The Chief Rabbinate of Holland knows producers of kosher ingredients all over the world. Fully independent, we are happy to assist you to select the most suitable ingredients and raw materials with a kosher certificate.

Make your first contact with the Chief Rabbinate of Holland today!
To have a first orientation or for a direct question whether your products can receive the kosher certification. Our specialists are fluent in different languages and quick to come and visit your location to judge whether your plant or your production can be certified kosher.

Chief Rabbinate of Holland
POB 7967, 1008 AD Amsterdam, Holland
Tel. 31 20 301 8490
Fax 31 20 301 8491
Email: opperrabbinaat at

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