A national organization

The NIK is the organization that covers more than 25 Jewish communities in the Netherlands. It stands for the national interests of these communities and its members.

One can become a member of a Jewish community when being Jewish and living in the area that is being covered by the Jewish community of ones interest. The NIK-office can supply you with information under which Jewish community your residence is considered and how you can become a member. Depending on the format of the community different activities are being developed by it, in the field of social and cultural activities, religious activities and synagogueservices, education, etc.
Jewish communities also take care for special interest activities such as circumcision (brith milah), weddingceremonies (chuppah), bar & bat mitzvah, and burial (levayah) on a Jewish cemetery.


Organisation of 
Jewish Communities
in the Netherlands.

Postbus 7967
1008 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

tel. +3120-3018484
e-mail: [email protected]

Bank account: IBAN: nl50 abna 0466 1793 32

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