Kosher restaurants, shops and food in the Netherlands.


All restaurants and butcher serve/sell glatt kosher meat. They are under strict joint Amsterdam Ashkenazi & Sephardi rabbinical supervision (not the families offering private table) and meet the highest standards of kashruth. A Te’udat Hechsher (kosher certificate) should be posted in the restaurant. Bread is under joint Amsterdam Ashkenazi & Sephardi rabbinical supervision.

Ha-Golan Lunch & Dinner
Style: Israeli, meat
Address: Kastelenstraat 265, 1082 EG Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 404 42 08
Open: Sunday – Thurday 12.00-21.00 h; Friday 11.00-15.00h
Public transport: bus 45, tram 5, tram 6 (stop Van Boshuizenstraat)

Meat Me Kosher
Style: grill
Kastelenstraat 65, 1083 CC Amsterdam
+31 20 354 17 44
Public transport:
bus 62 & 463 (stop Kastelenstraat)

Pizza & Co 
Style: pizza’s (16 types); rogalach, borekasim, french fries/chips, soup
Primarily to order/take away, but with some seating possiblity too. Free delivery with order of 20 euro’s or more in the area between 16.00-21.30h
Address: Kastelenstraat 105a, 1082 EB Amsterdam
Phone: +31 2020 – 404 44 53
Open: Sunday – Thursday 9.00-21.30h; Friday, 9.00-16.00h
Public transport: bus 62 & 463 (stop Kastelenstraat)

La Biss
Style: Israeli kosher street food
: Albert Cuypstraat 278, 1073 BR Amsterdam


Jacobs Koshere Catering
Phone: +31 20 644 78 00
Mobile: +31 6 1808 5315
E-mail: [email protected]
Style: prepares for tourists meals for Shabbat (Friday night and/or Shabbat morning/afternoon) and weekdays. Available for groups/individuals visiting Holland.
Catering for tourists, bar- and bat mitzvot, engagements, chupot, sheva b’rachot and other semachot or occasions, including Fridayevening- and Shabbatmeals.
Preparation of meals for groups and individuals who visit our country, especially during the summermonths. If necessary, meals can be delivered to hotels in and around Amsterdam, in time for Shabbat or weekday meals. Jacobs will also endevour to deliver meals further beyond the Amsterdam region, where necessary. The meals are being delivered on sealed disposable plates.
Jacobs also offers take away products (such as: chulent, chopped liver, roasted chicken, sausage roll, chicken ragout, meat and chicken croqettes, meatball’s, lasagne, several kugel’s (potatoe, pear, broccoli, lokschen, Jerushalmi, rice, mixed vegetables), serveral soups: chicken, vegetables, lentil, pumpkin, tomato, beef bouillon; several pizza’s: naturell, mushroom, olives, tomato-onion; several quiches: mushroom, spinach, tomato; fishballs, fried scholfishfilet).
These are available at Mouwes delicatessen in Amsterdam.

Roland Vos Kosher Catering
Address: Spinnerij 73, 1185 ZS   Amstelveen
Phone: +31 20 471 45 25
Mobile: +31 6 2953 2359
E-mail: [email protected]
As well as being one of the few companies in The Netherlands with over 25 years of experience in kosher catering, we are the only one that can provide a ‘total service’ within this specialist market.
As an extra service we can provide complete kosher meals – even for 1 person – to private individuals, companies and even other caterers.
Our company delivers kosher meals, sealed per plate, to (almost) any location – hotel, restaurant etc. If you are invited to a non-kosher restaurant, you can let the restaurant contact us to order a kosher meal.
Vos Kosher Catering is strictly supervised by the Rabbinate of the Jewish Community of Amsterdam, as well as the Rabbinate of the Portuguese-Israeli Community of Amsterdam. We have an inhouse maschiach on the premises.
We provide kosher food for every occasion – bar and bat mitzvah, chuppah, receptions and openings, conferences. Whatever you are looking for, we have probably done it before!


Delft Studentsmensa 
[Kashruth:supervised by observant student]
Style: meat, veg., one menu at the dinnertable of Beth Studentim
Open: Monday -Thursday, 18.15h, must make reservations two days in advanced, call on the day of your reservation before 12.00h to confirm your attendance.
Address: Koornmarkt 9, 2611 EA Delft (old city)
Phone: 015 – 212 03 00

Kosher shops

Davids Corner & Bakery / Rimon Deli
Address: Kastelenstraat 69, Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 644 75 67
Open: Sunday – Thursday 8.00 – 18.00h; Friday 8.00 – 14.00h
Public transport: bus 62 (stop Van Heenvlietlaan)

Marcus butcher
Open: Wednesday (9:00 – 17:00h),Thursday (8:30 – 17:00h), Friday (8:30 – 13:30h)
Address: Kastelenstraat 111-A,  Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 671 98 81
Public transport: bus 62 (stop Kastelenstraat)

Address: Kastelenstraat 261, Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 661 01 80
Open: Sunday – Thursday 9.00-17.00h, Friday till 14.00h
E-mail: [email protected]
Public transport:bus 45, tram 5, tram 6 (stopVan Boshuizenstraat)

Supermarkets with kosher section

Supermarkt Albert Heijn XL Gelderlandplein
Gelderlandplein 46
1082 KZ Amsterdam

Supermarkt Jumbo Amstelveen Veenbrink
Rembrandtweg 617-635
1181 GV Amstelveen

Supermarkt Jumbo Buitenveldertselaan
Buitenveldertselaan 184
1081 AC Amsterdam

Supermarkt Jumbo Stadhouderskade
Stadhouderskade 93
1073 AV Amsterdam

Supermarkt Jumbo Velu
Kastelenstraat 70
1083 CD Amsterdam

Hotels with kosher breakfast

Previous reservation required.

Holiday Inn Express
Zwaansvliet 20, 1081 AP Amsterdam
T: +31 (0)20 8203040
E: [email protected]
Hotel is prepared for Shabbat-observant guests.

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – City Hall
Valkenburgerstraat 14, 1011 LZ Amsterdam
T: +31 20 215 6110
E: [email protected]
Hotel is prepared for Shabbat-observant guests.

NH Amsterdam Zuid
Van Leijenberghlaan 221, 1082 GG Amsterdam
T: +31 20 5414141
E: [email protected]
NH hotel has several lower floor rooms with Shabbat-prepared doors.

IBIS Budget Amsterdam City South
Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 1, 1183 AT Amstelveen
T: +31 (0) 20 715 43 33
E: [email protected]

Adagio Amsterdam City South
Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 5, 1183 AT Amstelveen
T: +31 (0) 20 215 61 20
E: [email protected]

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